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** Please place your order by Friday, February 11th, to ensure your items are ready for Valentine’s Day!
HAPPY HEART - $15 - A 9 1/2” giant chocolate chip heart-shaped cookie! It’s loaded with three varieties of chocolate chips and chunks, decorated with vanilla and chocolate buttercream, and includes your personalized message. Weighing in just shy of two pounds, this cookie is not for the faint of heart.

BROKEN HEART - $15 - Two halves of a 9 1/2” giant chocolate chip heart-shaped cookie; one half has the addition of a scoop of PECANS to the mix; the other half has NO PECANS added. Also decorated with your personalized message, this cookie promotes preference so everyone can eat until their hearts are content.

CUPID’S CUPCAKES - $15 - Six strawberry vanilla cupcakes with a delightful taste reminiscent of strawberry shortcake! Each cupcake is presented in a colorful heart-themed baking cup, stacked high with sweet strawberry frosting, and topped with a chocolate candy treat. They’re packaged in a group of six cupcakes…that’s a half-dozen…that’s a lot of love.